Trainee Dump Truck Operator – Mining

Want to  drive dump trucks in the mines and earn big dollars  so you can pay off your debts and live the dream?

Don’t make the same mistakes of thousands of people before you and pay for dump truck training, you can’t buy a ticket or do a 5 day course and get a job driving dump trucks, save your money and simply apply for traineeships when they are advertised and the mining company will train you to drive their haul trucks.

Traineeships don’t come up often and  when they do, you can be guaranteed hundreds of people will be applying. These positions are rarely offered on a FIFO basis, you will be required to be living  near the mine. Be realistic, why would the company  fly an employee in, when they can hire someone local? If you don’t live within the vicinity of the mine, this will significantly reduce your chances of getting the position.

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Day in the life of a Dump truck Operator, please click here

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How do you gain experience if there’s no trainee/green operator positions available. Does anybody have any answers?

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I have a face to face interview for a Dump Truck traineeship role. I was just wondering if you could give some advice in how to do well in the interview? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!Continue reading