Pay Rate for Trainee Dump Truck Driver

Dump truck/Haul truck driver is a popular job within the mining industry and the opportunity at a traineeship is a dream come true . Some companies ask for a heavy rigid license (HR) as a requirement for this position but most only require  a class C drivers license and they  never require a dump truck license. As we have said before don’t waste your money getting the dump truck license.Most companies will pay for your training if and when you score a job. Your job as a dump truck driver is  to transport goods and materials from one area to another.The pay rate for a trainee depends on where you are working and what product is being mined. Here are some of the responses when we asked  “What is the pay rate for a trainee dump truck driver in the mines?” Before you go and pay a small fortune on a dump truck training course have a read of what other people have said about the course. Is it really worth paying for a dump truck license?

  • Annually it works out around 85k or 1100 in the hand, but may differ mine to mine
  • If its gold and iron ore yeh prob between $20-$30. If its coal around $35-$40
  • I am a trainee 777 truck driver on 26 p/h
  • $19 ph
  • I know people who get $45 straight up
  • 38 on my site I’m a trainee truck driver moving iron ore & I get $30 plus penalties :):)
  •  Approx $33ph up.
    it varies, it shouldn’t be  about the money if u really want the experience
     really depends on the company, some pay good and some pay shite!!!
  • Hubby started on $36
  • I was on 27 in a gold mine, coal about 35 and an operator I was on 53.40
  •  In the hunter valley (coal) trainees get $19-22 and hour. but you have a lot of penlites on top of that.
    So far $19 is the lowest. I”ll take it. Hire me lol. Its what i get as a security guard so when can i start :):).
  • Depends where your working but the very lowest I’ve heard of is approx 70k 4 on 4 off residential no FIFO and the highest I’ve heard is wa 120k 2 and 1 roster
  •  Not less then $25. Ph until your deemed competent and the pay steps up from trainee….
  • Saraji – $20 ish, RTCA Bowen Basin -$45
  •  I was getting $17.72/hr…. Couldn’t survive… Went back to civil work
  •  I’ve been told that some Trainee Dump Truck positions you only bring home $450 a week after being told by someone else that your on around $1200-$2000 a week ;);)
    Most places u get 60-80% of full wage until uv done 12 months it differs between companies bt in coal id say around 75 grand
    What does a trainee operator in Queensland take home on a 7/7 roster FIFO with an agency? Continue reading



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