Couples Working Together

Couples Working together

We are moving to WA next year and want to start work in the mines together. Can you please advise what is the best way to go about getting work where we could still live together OR where we would have similar rosters?

I got my ex and I a job drilling. They put us on different sites but the same roster. Having said that we applied with another company and they said our relationship wouldn’t be taken in to consideration roster wise. I guess it all depends on how badly you want to work in the mines as to how far you will go for the job and what you’re willing to do to your relationship.Ravensthorpe nickel, they own nearly 200 houses in Hopetoun, they encourage it, they’ve had a lot of couples and families work there and BGC Mining are pretty good with looking after people and their family. FMG out at cloud break an xmas creek have double rooms an employ couples as far as i know.I find more couples not so much in the mine jobs, but working where mines are expanding, like their railroad projects and so on. One couple in particular were both traffic controllers, and worked same shifts, same site, often within 20 meters of each other lol. A lot of mining companies do look favourably on couples for the simple reason, that you have your own support system on site, therefore a happy worker and most likely to stay on and you keep each other inline. Just keep in mind, you can get on the same roster but you will probably cross-shift each other. This is for safety reasons with regards to sleeping for shift work.

My husband and I have families and friends in the mines’ all work together’ same mine site and same swings

Should we apply as a couple or separate?

My partner and I  do this and I’m just letting you know… You have to be prepared to not always be at the same site and not always have the same roster… But to stick at it while you work towards these things… Our way in was getting one a job on a site then they handed the others résumé around… It worked and we worked together lived together same room same roster for 2 years until his company’s contract ended… This meant living very separate lives until we were able to get him back… It’s taken 3 months but it’s about to go back to normal. It was hard but it’s worth it.

Do you know any companies in particular who do this?

I would try some of the contractors, like Leightons, Byrnecut, Barminco etc. I know Barrick look favourably on it. Some of the hospitality companies, like ISS, Sodexo etc if you are looking at that side of things. It’s the old story, and it may be a bit sexist, but they like that the missus can keep the old boy in line and stop them from doing anything silly on site.